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Romantic NZ Honeymoon

Traditionally it is the Grooms responsibility to plan the Honeymoon and for some this can be a rather daunting process.Where to begin?  The first things to think about are how much time you would like to be away for, how far you are wanting to travel, what places you would love to visit and how much money you are wanting to spend?I spoke to quite a few couples at one Manawatu Wedding Expo and the consensus were that they were planning to have a couple of days away in New Zealand straight af...

June 3, 2023

Domestic travel insurance and why you need it.

Travel Insurance, you should never leave home without it.  Given the events of the last few weeks, you could be forgiven if you feel like stepping out the door is a bit dangerous.  Even staying indoors has it’s challenges.  Most people understand the need for travel insurance when you travel overseas.Well, except the UK couple who worked seven days a week for their trip and didn’t have travel insurance when they got angry about mother nature upsetting their plans in ...

June 3, 2023

Romantic Delights in the bedroom

Taking a Romantic Getaway in NZ is a great way to explore our own backyard.If getting away is not an option for you right now then how about creating your own Romantic Getaway right in your very own home.Our Romantic Delights gift boxes have been meticulously crafted to include items to stimulate the five senses.  We personally test each item and use NZ made where possible.We regularly change the contents of our Romantic Delights gift boxes so that ou...

June 3, 2023

What is a Romantic Getaway?

A Romantic Getaway is one where you are alone together without distractions to spend quality time to focus on each other.  An ideal location would be somewhere secluded, away from noises and distractions that would lead your mind to wander.  Having a getaway with no cell phone coverage is ideal as you are not tempted to look at your Facebook page every hour for updates.For us, a Romantic Getaway is a place to go to where seclusion is key and the only interruptions are those from the wi...

June 3, 2023

Romantic Accommodation in New Zealand

While we may not be in close proximity to the Amalfi Coast with Romantic picturesque scenes where love flows abundantly, we are however fortunate to have a vast array of Romantic Accommodation in New Zealand to choose from instead.What does Romantic Accommodation in New Zealand look like?Romantic Accommodation in New Zealand is not defined by any specific criteria.  Instead it is defined by the intent with which it was booked.While for some it can look picturesque and idyllic, for...

June 3, 2023

Feedback is currency for any business!

How often have you walked out of a store/restaurant/cafe/shop unhappy with your experience and gone on to tell someone about it or you have written a negative review about it on social media?New Zealanders are known to hold back on the truth when it comes to giving feedback in the moment.  Instead choosing to wait until they are out of the store/shop/restaurant/cafe to tell others about their experience.Humans are conditioned to respond with the standard response of “good thanks” when a...

June 3, 2023

A Romantic Getaway in Hanmer Springs

Having checked into one of our Romantic Getaways in Hanmer Springs with it’s very own outdoor spa bath or spa pool, the next thing to do is to start exploring one of the South Islands most stunning scenic alpine villages.With a range of restaurants and cafes to dine at, from casual through to fine dining, Hanmer Springs has something to suit everyone.The team at Romantic Gestures NZ research the best options for their clients, often sampling the menus in...

April 29, 2023

A Romantic Getaway in Wellington

This Christmas will be our third spent in Wellington.  We have also had short stays in between as well.If our centrally located Romantic Getaway complete with balcony spa pool is not available then we recommend heading to the recently refurbished Naumi hotel on Cuba Street/Dunlop Terrace where you will find a sensory wonderland unlike anything you have ever seen.I have always been passionate about finding quirky and interesting places to visit and Wellington does not dis...

April 29, 2023

68 hours in Wanaka

After enduring a long-distance relationship while Russell was in an MIQF role in Auckland recently, the opportunity to spend a few days away together was very much needed before he headed back to work on base.We chose to head down to Wanaka for 3 nights as it had been some 10-11 years since we were last there.  With it being the end of September, the weather would ensure the road trip was enjoyable and the roads safe to travel on.We had done our research prior to leaving and knew what we wa...

April 23, 2023

How to explore Hanmer Springs on a budget

Hanmer Springs is a stunning alpine resort town that attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists and holiday makers every year.  Being a resort town, the hospitality market reflects this with their high-end retail stores and restaurant menus, ranging in price from $20-$39 for a main meal.While it may seem too expensive for some, making a visit to Hanmer Spring unaffordable, there are many affordable options still available to those of us on a budget.Exploring Hanmer Springs on a budgetRecent...

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