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Romantic Delights in the bedroom

Taking a Romantic Getaway in NZ is a great way to explore our own backyard.

If getting away is not an option for you right now then how about creating your own Romantic Getaway right in your very own home.

Our Romantic Delights gift boxes have been meticulously crafted to include items to stimulate the five senses.  We personally test each item and use NZ made where possible.

We regularly change the contents of our Romantic Delights gift boxes so that our repeat clients do not receive the same products.  This also gives us an opportunity to showcase another locally made product.

Included in our gift boxes are:

  • Body products – to stimulate the body through touch by either giving your partner a massage using the butter or soaking in a relaxing bath using the salts.

  • Couples conversations starter cards – to encourage healthy conversations between couples using cards that include thought provoking questions to get to know each other on new levels.

  • Botanical /Alcoholic beverages – an exotic non-alcoholic Romantic blend of flavours to enhance the mind and body.

  • Artisan hand crafted chocolates – to stimulate the mind though our mouths and support health and well being.

  • Scented room spray – to create a cosy and relaxed atmosphere by stimulating our senses through smell with this warm and welcoming fragrance of Rose Geranium and Patchouli essential oils.

These products combined can create a Romantic atmosphere so you and your loved one can enjoy quality time together in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

Ordering one is easy, simply send us an email and we will have it on the courier in no time.


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