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A Romantic Getaway in Hanmer Springs

Having checked into one of our Romantic Getaways in Hanmer Springs with it’s very own outdoor spa bath or spa pool, the next thing to do is to start exploring one of the South Islands most stunning scenic alpine villages.

With a range of restaurants and cafes to dine at, from casual through to fine dining, Hanmer Springs has something to suit everyone.

The team at Romantic Gestures NZ research the best options for their clients, often sampling the menus in person, making it easier for them to access without the hassle of having to work out where to go themselves.

Before heading to dinner we recommend a casual stroll around the village to take in all that it offers.  With a wide range of retail stores, eateries and attractions, Hanmer Springs is full of surprises.

Here you will find a one of a kind lolly store which holds almost every sweet imaginable.  It feels as though you just stepped into Wonkas wondrous emporium.

Across from the hot pools you will find a cafe where a lavender infused tea is something we recommend you really you must try, at least once.

Be sure to take a stroll around the Queen Mary historical reserve before dinner to fully appreciate the history behind Hanmer and how it all came to be what it is today.

For a casual, relaxed dining experience we recommend heading to Saints, where the deep fried Camembert is the perfect starter.  While we chose the stone grill, there are many other delicious menu options to choose from as well.

Finish off the evening with a cosy fire side beverage down at Five Stags along with one of their delicious dessert options.  Such a Romantic way to end the evening before heading back to your Romantic Getaway.

When booking with us we can include a gourmet cheese platter, delivered to your getaway in time

for your arrival so you can enjoy at your leisure.  These platters are unique to Hanmer Springs and must be seen to be believed.

The following morning we recommend heading to the Powerhouse cafe for breakfast.  Where once it served as the power supply for the local hospital across the road, now it serves as a quaint setting for an all inclusive delicious breakfast.

If your stay is for two nights then make sure you book one of our Romantic couples spa treatment packages.  These include a private spa session followed by a dual relaxing massage for two with access to the outdoor pools afterwards.

To explore Hanmer Springs further you can take a rocket for a ride, a Llama for a walk or even enjoy a Romantic ride in a horse drawn carriage.

For the most amazing view of Hanmer Springs and beyond we recommend walking up to the lookout on Conical Hill.  Only a short walk (1 hr return) to the top where you will see the most Romantic photographic views of the area.

Hanmer Springs provides all the Romance of the Swiss Alps right here in our very own backyard.  For more information on our packages available get in touch with our team today.  What are you waiting for?


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