NZ Wedding Planning 2017

How is your NZ Wedding Planning going?  Read on to find out how hiring a NZ Wedding & Events Consultant can benefit your relationship. Congratulations, you’re engaged and wondering what to do next?  Now beings the daunting process of where … Read More

Flower Availability Chart

These guides are not a guarantee as seasons do fluctuate, but they are intended as a helpful guide to assist your wedding planning to decide which flowers are available at the time of your wedding.  For more information and prices, … Read More

Bridal Fashion For Your Body Shape

It has come to my attention through several Facebook groups that some brides are choosing dresses that are not suitable for their body shape. Take a look at this video to help you choose a flattering dress for your shape.  … Read More

Quality Chocolate

Chocolate tends to get bashed around regarding weight gain and whether it is good for you or not, but one thing we do know is that good quality dark chocolate is more beneficial to your body than milk or white … Read More

Anniversaries & Vows

What is the relationship between Anniversaries & Vows?  Anniversaries & Vows are much the same.  They are both a sign of commitment to each other which is celebrated in various ways.  By saying vows to one another you are celebrating … Read More


In December we had a momentous occasion – we celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary!  It seemed it might never happen.  You get married and the babies start appearing and suddenly you’re head down in the daily routines and don’t … Read More