If you could change one thing in your relationship……

If you could change one thing in your relationship what would it be? Two days ago I posted this question on our Facebook page and received a huge response not only in terms of an organic reach but also in … Read More

Are You Gaining Anything From Takeaways?

Are you gaining anything from takeaways? Yesterday I turned 41 and to celebrate I took a friend up to Hanmer Springs to see The Topp Twins perform at the thermal pools the day before.  How often do we spend time … Read More

3 Things We Do Every Morning For Healthy Relationships

3 Things We Do Every Morning For Healthy Relationships How you start your day sets the tone for the remainder of it.  There are 3 things we do every morning that ensures our love for each other grows deeper every … Read More

Happy Wife, Happy Life

While dream vacations and milestones are important, it’s the simple things you do that make your wife happy.  Show love and respect to your bride every day and remind her why you were the best choice she’s ever made.  Here … Read More

Conflict Resolution

No one expects any marriage to be conflict free, we all have different values and views as well as many different ideas on accomplishing a task. Even Natasha and I have disagreements that lead to compromise.  I would honestly be … Read More

Undivided Attention

Marriage requires your undivided attention.  Even though many other important elements of living have to be attended to, nothing is more important than your marriage.  There are those moments in life when you need to give your full undivided attention … Read More

Making Memories

When a loved one passes away the first thing you do is bathe yourself in your memories of them.  You remember the good and the bad times and the moments that made you laugh, cry, feel sad and angry.  Your … Read More

Love Language

Do you know what your love language is, or that of your significant other or of your children’s?  Once you have ascertained which one it is, your relationships with others will improve exponentially.  Dr. Gary Chapman, internationally respected marriage and … Read More

Are You With The Right Partner?

Late last year I came across this article on the internet (Author Unknown) and felt I had to share it with you.  It resonates exactly what we here at Romantic Gestures™ believe.  Please feel free to share this with your … Read More