Do you behave like Lovebirds?

Do you behave like Lovebirds? Their name comes from the parrots’ strong, monogamous pair bonding and the long periods which paired birds spend sitting together.  The term ‘Lovebirds’ is also used to describe a couple in the honeymoon phase of … Read More

The secret of long and happy relationships

The secret of long and happy relationships (A burnt pie story) Acceptance and understanding play important roles in relationships.  Knowing when your partner needs patience is key in supporting a healthy relationship where love and understanding thrive.  How many times … Read More

If you could change one thing in your relationship……

If you could change one thing in your relationship what would it be? Two days ago I posted this question on our Facebook page and received a huge response not only in terms of an organic reach but also in … Read More

Domestic Travel Insurance – Why You Need It.

Domestic Travel Insurance Travel Insurance, you should never leave home without it.  Given the events of the last few weeks, you could be forgiven if you feel like stepping out the door is a bit dangerous.  Even staying indoors has … Read More

Are You Gaining Anything From Takeaways?

Are you gaining anything from takeaways? Yesterday I turned 41 and to celebrate I took a friend up to Hanmer Springs to see The Topp Twins perform at the thermal pools the day before.  How often do we spend time … Read More

Avoidable Mistakes Made On First Dates

You walk into the restaurant and glance around nervously, scouring faces until finally you spot your date.  You excitedly join them for a meal or coffee and then talk hopefully about seeing each other again.  You watch your phone for … Read More

3 Things We Do Every Morning For Healthy Relationships

3 Things We Do Every Morning For Healthy Relationships How you start your day sets the tone for the remainder of it.  There are 3 things we do every morning that ensures our love for each other grows deeper every … Read More

Break Free From Your Mobile Phone Addiction

Would you like help to break free from your mobile phone addiction?  Are you spending too much time looking down at your phone each day instead of spending it with those around you?  Do you find yourself constantly looking for … Read More

3 Ways To Spend Time Together Everyday

With only 24 precious hours in every day, couples are finding it difficult to spend quality uninterrupted time together everyday as they juggle the needs of children, jobs outside the home, businesses, family, chores, bills, exercise and hobbies.  Days go … Read More