How Did We Meet?

How did we meet, who are the team behind Romantic Gestures™ and where did it all begin?  I have decided to go back to the beginning of our relationship to give you an idea of who we are and how … Read More

Celebrate Milestones

Do You Celebrate Milestones In Your Relationship? Here we explain why it is important to celebrate milestones in your relationship.  Thinking back to when Russell and I met, it is easy to remember our first date, our first kiss, the … Read More

Battle of the Sexes

From time to time we come across products that we think are ideal for our clients and this is one such product.  Our brand rep Stacey has reviewed this product after playing it with her husband on Date Night and … Read More

Unexpected Joy

This week Monique talks about finding joy in the unexpected. My husband and I run a small gang.  We are the admin team of said gang.  Our duties involve sanitation, nutrition, entertainment, travel… and the list goes on.  Our wee … Read More

Time Apart

Are you and your partner forced to spend time apart and away from home due to work commitments?  Perhaps there is a job that requires travel for lengthy periods or frequent travel is a requirement throughout each month? Being a … Read More

Anniversaries & Vows

What is the relationship between Anniversaries & Vows?  Anniversaries & Vows are much the same.  They are both a sign of commitment to each other which is celebrated in various ways.  By saying vows to one another you are celebrating … Read More