It's not about cost, It's about creating cherished moments together.
Terrific in Turangi
It's not about cost, It's about creating cherished moments together.
Terrific in Turangi

Terrific in Turangi is set right on the southern edge of Lake Taupo and is the perfect place to get away from it all.  Choose from one of ten lakeside 1 bedroom apartments located in one of the most amazing spots on Lake Taupo.  Complete with onsite restaurant, you will find plenty to do or if you prefer to do nothing at all, relax and read a book lakeside.

It’s the perfect place to ride, ski or catch the big one, whether it’s on the lake, in the river, or down the mountain.  Perfect for boat owners who can sail right up the front door (almost).  Less than 5 minutes from thermal hot pools and close enough to the mountains to ski in Winter, this getaway is a slice of paradise.  Packages can include learning to fly fish, spotting native birds on a guided walk around the Tongariro National park or relax on board a scenic cruise.  Please enquire about these additions.

If you have any questions please send us an enquiry, our cupids are only too happy to help when romance is involved!  Alternatively if you are ready to book, click book now to check availability of your selected dates.

$100 voucher to use at onsite restaurant

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Two nights accommodation for two

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Room Rates

$645/2 nights
Year Round
  • Price is for 2 nights per couple
  • Price for 1 night $420
  • Minimum stay may apply for weekends and public holidays
  • Learn to fly fish POA
  • Guided walk around Tongariro National Park POA
  • Scenic Cruise POA
Terrific-in-Turangi-Romantic-Getaways-NZ-14 Terrific in Turangi Terrific-in-Turangi-Romantic-Getaways-NZ-14-100x80 Terrific in Turangi
Terrific-in-Turangi-Romantic-Getaways-NZ-12 Terrific in Turangi Terrific-in-Turangi-Romantic-Getaways-NZ-12-100x80 Terrific in Turangi
Terrific-in-Turangi-Romantic-Getaways-NZ-11 Terrific in Turangi Terrific-in-Turangi-Romantic-Getaways-NZ-11-100x80 Terrific in Turangi
Terrific-in-Turangi-Romantic-Getaways-NZ-7 Terrific in Turangi Terrific-in-Turangi-Romantic-Getaways-NZ-7-100x80 Terrific in Turangi
Terrific-in-Turangi-Romantic-Getaways-NZ-6 Terrific in Turangi Terrific-in-Turangi-Romantic-Getaways-NZ-6-100x80 Terrific in Turangi
Terrific-in-Turangi-Romantic-Getaways-NZ-5 Terrific in Turangi Terrific-in-Turangi-Romantic-Getaways-NZ-5-100x80 Terrific in Turangi
Terrific-in-Turangi-Romantic-Getaways-NZ-4 Terrific in Turangi Terrific-in-Turangi-Romantic-Getaways-NZ-4-100x80 Terrific in Turangi
Terrific-in-Turangi-Romantic-Getaways-NZ-2 Terrific in Turangi Terrific-in-Turangi-Romantic-Getaways-NZ-2-100x80 Terrific in Turangi



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