It's not about cost, It's about creating cherished moments together.
Staveley Sweetheart
It's not about cost, It's about creating cherished moments together.
Staveley Sweetheart

A little gem just 90 minutes from Christchurch, 20 minutes from Methven and five minutes stroll from the great coffee and famous sausage rolls at the Staveley Store.  As well as twin outdoor bath tubs, a snuggle couch on the veranda and a roaring fire inside this special venue also boasts a private movie theater!  Just imagine strolling over to the wool shed with your favorite DVD (bring a couple with you), lighting the log fire, getting comfy under the blankets on the couch and watching a movie through the projector onto the big screen.  I’ve seen a lot in this job but this was truly unique and a very special treat!  Your dietary requirements will be catered to for your two course evening meal.  Continental plus breakfast provisions are left for you in the kitchens fridge for you to prepare at your leisure, this maximises your privacy and allows for a sleep in!  Snuggle up in our Staveley Sweetheart.

If you have any questions please send us an enquiry, our cupids are only too happy to help when romance is involved!  Alternatively if you are ready to book, click book now to check availability of your selected dates.  Please enquire about our spa treatment options including a couples massage that are available with this package.

Breakfast provisions for you to prepare at your leisure

Romantic Delights Gift Box

Two course dinner per night

2 Nights minimum.

Stay for a couple of nights for the full experiance

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Room Rates

$1,305/2 nights
Cottage 2 – Year Round
  • Price is for 2 nights
  • 2 night minimum
  • Extra night = $600
  • * Payment plans are available *
  • Bottle of bubbles $65
  • Couples Massage (Offsite) $350
$885/2 nights
Cottage 1 – Year Round
  • Price is for 2 nights
  • 2 night minimum
  • Extra night = $390
  • Bottle of bubbles $65
  • Couples Massage (Offsite) $350

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"Everything about the experience was just brilliant!! The Romantic Delights Box is a really good idea"
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"Fantastic, could not have asked for better. Your service has been amazing, exceeded our expectations"
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