It's not about cost, It's about creating cherished moments together.
Palmerston North Mystery
It's not about cost, It's about creating cherished moments together.
Palmerston North Mystery

The team here at Romantic Gestures™ have put together a Mystery Getaway in Palmerston North for those couples who are unable to travel far for various reasons.  You will experience a romantic getaway and feel as though you are in another city without having to leave the area.  We have personally experienced this Mystery Getaway and can honestly say that we felt as though we had driven to another city as we were swept up in the romance that this getaway offers.  We are able to provide gourmet hampers for an extra cost, please mention this when booking.  Featuring a king bed and full kitchen facilities, your bedroom opens out onto a private courtyard where you can unwind in your own spa. Palmerston North Mystery is full of pleasant surprises.

If you have any questions please send us an enquiry, our cupids are only too happy to help when romance is involved!  Alternatively if you are ready to book, click book now to check availability of your selected dates.

One nights accommodation for two

Voucher for Dinner at local restaurant

Breakfast voucher to use at local cafe.

One pre dinner drink.

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Room Rates

Year Round
  • Additional nights = $165.00 per night excluding meals
Palmerston-North-Mystery-Romantic-Getaways-NZ-13 Palmerston North Mystery Palmerston-North-Mystery-Romantic-Getaways-NZ-13-100x80 Palmerston North Mystery
Palmerston-North-Mystery-Romantic-Getaways-NZ-17 Palmerston North Mystery Palmerston-North-Mystery-Romantic-Getaways-NZ-17-100x80 Palmerston North Mystery
Palmerston-North-Mystery-Romantic-Getaways-NZ-8 Palmerston North Mystery Palmerston-North-Mystery-Romantic-Getaways-NZ-8-100x80 Palmerston North Mystery
Palmerston-North-Mystery-Romantic-Getaways-NZ-11 Palmerston North Mystery Palmerston-North-Mystery-Romantic-Getaways-NZ-11-100x80 Palmerston North Mystery
Palmerston-North-Mystery-Romantic-Getaways-NZ-10 Palmerston North Mystery Palmerston-North-Mystery-Romantic-Getaways-NZ-10-100x80 Palmerston North Mystery
Palmerston-North-Mystery-Romantic-Getaways-NZ-6 Palmerston North Mystery Palmerston-North-Mystery-Romantic-Getaways-NZ-6-100x80 Palmerston North Mystery


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