It's not about cost, It's about creating cherished moments together.
Ngaio Bay Oasis
It's not about cost, It's about creating cherished moments together.
Ngaio Bay Oasis

Ngaio Bay Oasis is a one bedroom self-contained cottage with spacious open plan living and a large wrap around deck with views across to D’urville Island.  It is an easy stroll down to the private beach where you can watch the boats or dolphins pass by.  The cottage contains a large Tempur king size bed, a well-appointed kitchen and a bathroom with an eco Swedish style composting toilet.  Enjoy a private wood fired bath under the stars in a setting that overlooks the beach.  This package includes a breakfast that is served with flowers, and a choice of mueslis and cereals, seasonal fresh fruit salad, organic yoghurt, bread for toasting, freshly baked croissants, homemade jams, grapefruit from our tree, freshly squeezed orange juice, and a choice of teas or freshly ground coffee from our espresso machine.  Dinner is also included and is seasonal which includes choices from several vegetable dishes, plus either local wild venison, freshly caught fish, lamb, or free range chicken, freshly baked homemade bread. Sometimes a soup or sushi for starters. Always a new and different home baked or prepared dessert every night.  This getaway receives a constant stream of positive comments from guests about the food and it is not hard to see why.  Wine and craft beer are available at an extra charge.

If you want to experience the best then book Ngaio Bay Oasis, your sweetheart will thank you for it.

There is a minimum 2 night stay policy for this getaway.  If you have any questions please send us an enquiry, our cupids are only too happy to help when romance is involved!  Alternatively if you are ready to book, click book now to check availability of your selected dates.


Romantic Delights Gift Box

2 Nights minimum.

Stay for a couple of nights for the full experiance

Access to a wood fired bath overlooking the beach

Complimentary snorkelling gear available to use

Tasty freshly baked continental breakfast per morning

Homemade 3 course freshly caught dinner per night

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Room Rates

$885/2 nights
Year Round
  • Price is for 2 nights
  • Self Catering $250 per night extra
  • Valid until 31 August 2016

Photo Gallery

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