It's not about cost, It's about creating cherished moments together.
Greytown Getaway
It's not about cost, It's about creating cherished moments together.
Greytown Getaway

Greytown has become Wairarapas wealthiest and most fashionable town and it is here that you will find plenty of cafes, boutiques and antique shops.  The town is surrounded with Victorian style architecture and you won’t have to travel far to experience the fine wines and mouth watering food at any of the stylish cafes and restaurants the town has to offer.

Greytown Getaway offers a large double bedroom and ensuite with shower.  Separate living room (with fold-out sofa) and tiny kitchenette.  Secluded outside claw foot bath.  Privacy is assured with separate entrance and the fully fenced garden.  Stay in listening to some music with a glass of something.  Cocoon with a DVD and each other or soak under the stars in the bath.  3 minutes’ walk from great dining and shopping.  Take the bikes down Main St or pack a hamper and head down to the river.

If you have any questions about Greytown Getaway please send us an enquiry, our cupids are only too happy to help when romance is involved!  Alternatively if you are ready to book, click book now to check availability of your selected dates.



Access to your very own outdoor bath

Provisions for a cooked breakfast

Voucher to use at local fine dining restaurant

Romantic Delights Gift Box

Two nights accommodation for two

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Room Rates

$515/2 nights
Year Round
  • Chocolates & Bottle of Bubbles = $70
  • Half dozen red roses = $80
  • Couples Spa Treatment = $465
  • 1 hour Massage = $100 per person
Greytown-Getaway-Romantic-Getaways-NZ-6 Greytown Getaway Greytown-Getaway-Romantic-Getaways-NZ-6-100x80 Greytown Getaway
Greytown-Getaway-Romantic-Getaways-NZ-8 Greytown Getaway Greytown-Getaway-Romantic-Getaways-NZ-8-100x80 Greytown Getaway
Greytown-Getaway-Romantic-Getaways-NZ-3 Greytown Getaway Greytown-Getaway-Romantic-Getaways-NZ-3-100x80 Greytown Getaway
Greytown-Getaway-Romantic-Getaways-NZ-14 Greytown Getaway Greytown-Getaway-Romantic-Getaways-NZ-14-100x80 Greytown Getaway
Greytown-Getaway-Romantic-Getaways-NZ-13 Greytown Getaway Greytown-Getaway-Romantic-Getaways-NZ-13-100x80 Greytown Getaway
Greytown-Getaway-Romantic-Getaways-NZ-11 Greytown Getaway Greytown-Getaway-Romantic-Getaways-NZ-11-100x80 Greytown Getaway
Greytown-Getaway-Romantic-Getaways-NZ-12 Greytown Getaway Greytown-Getaway-Romantic-Getaways-NZ-12-100x80 Greytown Getaway
Greytown-Getaway-Romantic-Getaways-NZ-10 Greytown Getaway Greytown-Getaway-Romantic-Getaways-NZ-10-100x80 Greytown Getaway
Greytown-Getaway-Romantic-Getaways-NZ-7 Greytown Getaway Greytown-Getaway-Romantic-Getaways-NZ-7-100x80 Greytown Getaway

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“Was a great weekend thanks to you. We were after somewhere close to Wellington, which gave us something different. You answering us quickly helped with the decision to book with you. The weekend helped our relationship by allowing us to forget about things other then us”.
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