Accommodation Provider T&C

Accommodation providers must understand and accept the following conditions before being represented on the ‘RG’ ( website:


  • Media
  1. RG will have full rights to utilise any video and/or image the accommodation providers have online and to modify them wherever necessary
  2. RG will regularly update and not remove material from the RG media library when requested
  3. RG will not create negative material
  4. Accommodation providers are encouraged to provide the following to RG (optional):
  • Images larger than 900 X 400 pixels
  • Links to Youtube, Vimeo or any video provided (videos of photo clips will not be accepted).

What does this mean?

RG will have the right to use any video and image (you have) to use on the RG website.  We ‘RG’, will also enhance and modify your image and video where necessary.  To have maximum marketing effect please send image resolutions as set out above.

  • Rates

Our 10% commission, (per booking received) on accommodation only, must be included in your advertised rate and not added to it.  In order to support our endeavors and to give our clients the same service and price you would give them had they booked directly, all rates quoted to us will have our commission included in it.

  • Representation
  1. Names of accommodation providers on the RG website will change to a “Romantic Getaway” name as decided by RG
  2. Names of accommodation providers will not be displayed on the RG website unless agreed in writing and signed by both RG and the accommodation providers

What does this mean?

RG will display another name for your accommodation and service – this is to maintain the element of surprise for our clients.


  • Changes to T & C’s
  1. It is the responsibility of the accommodation providers to advise RG of any changes in their terms and conditions and/or price increases or decreases
  2. Accommodation providers are to provide 30 days’ notice of their updated terms and conditions
  3. Any bookings made, are reflective of the accommodation providers terms and conditions at that time.  If the accommodation provider fails to advise of any changes within 30 days then the following conditions are accepted to be upheld:
  • Any price increase that was failed to be mentioned will be accepted as null and void
  • If any price decrease has occurred then the difference in price must be refunded to RG within one working week.  RG therefore will refund that difference to the client.  Any fees incurred will be the sole responsibility of the accommodation provider
  • If a client becomes dissatisfied with the un-advised T&C then the accommodation provider must rectify this to satisfy the client’s needs

What does this mean?

This is to ensure that both RG and the accommodation provider can guarantee that the client remains happy with the service provided.


  • Future bookings
  1. If a past RG client has made a booking directly to an accommodation provider, the accommodation provide must then refer the past RG client back to RG to continue with their booking
  2. Past RG clients have the option to have the accommodation only option and can be assured that should they book the full package, the contents of their gift box will be different to that of their previous one

What does this mean?

This is to ensure that both RG and the accommodation provider can value future bookings and enhance business growth.


  • Payment arrangements
  1. Payments to accommodation providers will be met in accordance with their terms and conditions unless otherwise arranged
  2. RG does not charge an annual fee to accommodation providers to appear on our website.
  3. Payments will be made upon receiving an invoice showing commission to RG for booking


  • Disagreements
  1. Are to be sent to RG in writing within 14 days of problem occurring
  2. This will need to be conducted prior to seeking legal advice

Interested in becoming an accommodation provider?