Romantic Getaway Referrals Scheme T&C.

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Romantic Getaway Referrals Scheme

To participate in the RG rewards scheme the participants must understand, accept and follow these conditions.

1. When referring to others the referrer must do the following:
a. Mention to RG when they have referred their services and to who.
b. Ask Referred to mention to RG upon booking of who gave information of their services to them.
c. The referrer are only to refer to people they are familiar with.
d. Not conduct any competitions for stating upon bookings the referrer’s name or friends name.

2. The referrer understands and accepts that a successful referral is:
a. When a deposit is paid by the referred.
b. Referred has completed their stay in any one of the Romantic Getaways offered on our website. –not subject to any time restrictions.
c. Referred has not cancelled their Romantic Getaway.
d. Referred has mentioned to RG on who the referrer is upon booking.

Please note: any successful referral notifications by viral sign-ups application (located on is not valid unless the above conditions are met.

3. Rewards for Referrals
a. If the referrer gets five successful referrals then RG will contact the referrer and offer one unit of the lowest getaway cost that was referred by the referrer, for a third of the total cost.
b. If the referrer gets eight successful referrals then RG will contact the referrer and offer one unit of the lowest getaway cost that was referred by the referrer, for free.
c. The date of stay will be the Referrer’s to decide depending on availability
d. The referrer will have 7 days to decide upon consultation with RG the date of stay.

4. Planned Stay for referrer after successful referral
a. The referrer is subject to the T&C of the RG Website.
b. If the referrer decides to cancel or change his/her getaway dates or/and location they do so at their own cost as they are subject to the T&C of the RG Website.

5. The referrer agrees that RG has the rights to do the following:
a. Amend this Rewards scheme policy at the 1st of any month and inform the affected referrer.
b. Cancel the Rewards scheme Policy at any time.
c. Cancel any Rewards given to the referrer if any terms of this policy has been breached by the referred or the referrer

6. Rules of conduct
a. All parties involved will not act negatively on any social media and electronic device about each other or get others to do so on their behalf.
b. If the referrer has any disputes then the referrer must agree to take 10 working days before taking any legal action to resolve these issues
c. The referrer must agree and understands to the T&C stated in this Reward Scheme.
d. The referrer must understand the Terms and Abbreviations stated in this Reward Scheme.
e. If the referrer does not follow what is stated in this T&C then they agree that they are not eligible for any rewards in this scheme and are liable IAW Para 4.
f. If the referrer causes any financial hardship by breaching this agreement they agree to recoup all costs in association with that hardship.

7. Additional Information
a. This Rewards Scheme stated in this T&C is administered only by RG.
b. The date of this scheme coming into effect is 24 Mar 15.
c. This Rewards Scheme is not administered by any social network.

Terms and Abbreviations:
Referrer – Person who refers Romantic Gestures/ Romantic Getaways to other people
Referred – Person who has received information on the Romantic Getaways from the Referrer.
RG – Romantic Gestures LTD
Website – and
Successful Referral – Para 2
One unit – applies to one night stay. If the getaway has a two night stay minimum in place then the referrer is required to pay for the second night’s stay. The first night is offered IAW para 3.
Date of Stay – The referrer’s intended date to stay at a romantic getaway.
Parties – RG and Referrer.
T&C – Terms and conditions.
Recoup – Pay back.
IAW – In accordance with.
Getaway/s – awarded/referred items in

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