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Hi, we’re Natasha and Russell, Chief Cupids at Romantic Gestures.

Our relationship began by chance and grew into a friendship filled with the love and respect our marriage now thrives on.

I am Natasha, and together with my husband Russell, our aim is to share what we have learnt along the way about relationships. Since meeting several years ago we continue to enjoy regular ‘Date’ nights; which nurture the bond between us along our journey of life.

By understanding how to incorporate romance into our relationships we are able to take back some precious moments to appreciate all that we have. Russell and I will share with you tips and recommendations on activities you can do day to day and also how you too can have regular ‘Date’ nights to ensure that your relationship lasts the distance. These tips come from personal experience and have formed the basis of our relationship.

Sadly, in today’s busy world, we often spell L O V E with 4 very different letters: T I M E.

With time being of the essence, when couples make ‘time’ to celebrate their connection, expectations can (and should) be high. Love can be hard won, and often too easily lost; so we really need to nurture the most special relationships in our lives. Romantic Gestures sole aim is to ensure that you and your sweetheart’s romantic expectations are completely fulfilled.

Whether you are in love, or starting to fall in love, our Romantic Gifts, Romantic Getaways, Marriage Proposal Packages, Wedding Consultation, Date Night Packages or Gift Vouchers will leave you with romantic memories you will treasure for years to come.

Romantic Gestures provides the gifts, getaways and support to help you turn each precious moment you spend with your sweetheart into the most amazing it can possibly be. Sign up to receive our Regular Reap the Romantic Rewards guide and we will send you a copy of ‘An Ocean Between Us’ FREE to say thanks. Enter your details in the boxes at the top of our home page or in the area in the bottom right hand corner of the footer.

Celebrating Love for a Lifetime,

Natasha and Russell.
Your Romance Planners.

Meet Natasha and Russell

The fantastic team behind the business.



Romance Planner & Chief Cupid

As a current function hostess at several venues across Christchurch (and previously in the Manawatu), complete with a teaching degree and running RomanticGestures™ and, creating bespoke packages for my clients is what I love to do.  Enhancing their experiences with our added touches of Romance enables us to reach our dream of  “Celebrating Love for a Lifetime” for every couple.

Media:  ABC of keeping the romance alive (2013) – Manawatu Standard

I am also the creator of Random Acts of Kindness NZ where our motto is “those who can, give and those who can’t, receive“.  One kind word or act can change someone’s entire day, be that change.

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Business Manager and Director

I am a Soldier in the Military and the Business Manager/Director of Romantic Gestures.  I love meeting potential suppliers and accommodation providers as well as offering advice to new and developing businesses.


“To support couples to achieve real results by enhancing the Romance in their relationship”



We have selected 4 goals for how we are going to achieve this:

  1. To add peace of mind by adding emotional value for our customers and clients
  2. To provide personal, stylised advice to our customers and clients based on our own relationship
  3. To strengthen the foundation of each couples relationship
  4. To continue to build and strengthen relationships with our clients and customers on a personal level


The team here at are proud of the high level of service given to each customer and client and this is evident in the level of feedback received after each booking. We continue to improve on our services in order to meet our customers and clients high expectations. Our point of difference is our 24/7 availability for the duration of every booking.


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