The Rest Is History

As they say, “The Rest Is History” and that was almost 11 years ago and I can still remember those first 2 days very clearly although we still disagree on who made the first move.  We have ‘dated’ from the … Read More

Our Second Date

Standing together on the pavement after the movie had ended, he lent over and kissed me on the cheek to say goodbye.  We had sat through the whole movie with our hands in our laps not knowing what to do … Read More

NZ Wedding Planning 2017

How is your NZ Wedding Planning going?  Read on to find out how hiring a NZ Wedding & Events Consultant can benefit your relationship. Congratulations, you’re engaged and wondering what to do next?  Now beings the daunting process of where … Read More

Our First Date

We were seated at a table for two next to the window at the front of the restaurant.  The food was amazing and I still remember to this day what I ordered as I have ordered it each time I … Read More

Does Your Relationship Have Amazing Passion and Chemistry?

This question was posed to us recently, “How does a couple keep the amazing passion and chemistry long into a relationship? I believe it’s a combination of 4 things.  Health, Commitment, Time and Opportunity.  Are you as healthy now as … Read More

How Did We Meet?

How did we meet, who are the team behind Romantic Gestures™ and where did it all begin?  I have decided to go back to the beginning of our relationship to give you an idea of who we are and how … Read More

Why do Men and Women Love Differently?

Why do Men and Women Love differently? Apart from the obvious emotional, mental and physical differences between men and women in relationships, women tend to be more emotional than men which leads to a difference in the way they love … Read More