Making Memories

When a loved one passes away the first thing you do is bathe yourself in your memories of them.  You remember the good and the bad times and the moments that made you laugh, cry, feel sad and angry.  Your … Read More

What is Love?

At the end of 2015, TVNZ shared the findings of Googles most searched lists for that year.  The lists comprised of:  Trending Searches, (Trending) News Items, (Most Searched) How to….., (Most Searched) What is……  Number 3 in the What is? … Read More

Anniversaries & Vows

What is the relationship between Anniversaries & Vows?  Anniversaries & Vows are much the same.  They are both a sign of commitment to each other which is celebrated in various ways.  By saying vows to one another you are celebrating … Read More

What is Marriage?

We all have different ideals, different needs, different dreams about what marriage is.  Sometimes I wonder if those dreams of ours are founded on what we hope to ‘get out of it’.  What will marriage ‘do for me? or ‘give … Read More

Time Out

I’m asked almost every week at some point why I think I’m still single, and I never know how to answer. Well-meaning friends have dished up every piece of advice they know. I’ve researched the topic over several years, and … Read More

Mothers DayI have created a poster/card for you to personalise for your Mother this Mothers Day.  If your Mother is no longer with you then celebrate another special Mother in your life.  Add a photo, print it off and let them know just how special and important they really are to you.  Don’t forget to upload a photo to Instagram of you giving it to them using the hashtag #celebratemothersnz.  Simply click on the link below to upload your poster, add a photo of the woman you wish to celebrate, print it off and give it to her on Sunday.  The team here at recognise Mother’s Days is only once a year however we believe that Mother’s Day is everyday.  What creative way are you celebrating your Mother this Mother’s Day?

Mothers Day

Romance Statistics

I have always been curious to learn what the Romance statistics are for couples who have added more Romance to their relationship.  What did the statistics show and who are the dominate Romancers?  Are women more likely to be more … Read More